The Essence of Time

Wishing all readers a very Blessed 2012! I had my year end annual vacation with a trip back home to Muscat, Oman recently where I have lived for a significant part of my life. Muscat, is serene, beautiful Arab City with the laid-back charm ideal for a family life. Gross National Happiness indicators for Oman must be really high!  Meeting old friends, teachers and Church folks along with going to my favorite places in Muscat, having the best of food, at home and at restaurants was the best stress buster i needed from academics. The Old Muscat Shiva Temple, Marina Bandar, Shatti Beach, the buzzing Ruwi area never fail to rock my socks! I realized one important lesson from this trip, time is precious and we spend too much of time planning on the future rather than relishing and savoring the moment that we live in today.  The Bollywood film Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara exemplifies it, and i completely agree that in order to achieve our goals for the future we abdicate the present. Hrithik  Roshan’s character in the film is a financial broker who has had a tough childhood and he prizes money more than anything else, even to the extent of losing his girlfriend. There is certainly a grave importance for future planning but fanatical zeal for reaching the top and losing everything else is not worth it simply. You do not take your bank balance to the grave, we remember the fulfilling moment when we die or are sick. The character of Gopal in Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020, is a boy who failed to be an engineer but went on to be a engineering college owner, just to prove to his object of affection, that he is ‘Big’ in front of her IITan idealistic Boyfriend. But he ultimately loses her as succumbs to temporary lusts.

In the pursuance of the Rat Race called Life, we lose our sanity, health and basic peace. Most of the time we are catching up with the IIT-IIM passout neighborhood school topper, who is horrible looking but is dating the prettiest girl . This rat race burns us out. Its about priorities ultimately. Competition is good, predatory competition is cruel. Its time that we be ourself, listen to our hearts instead of the ‘aunties’ yapping about their child’s 20 lac annual package or their swanky new car. Its the time now to live a meaningful life for us and the community at large, and start with a ‘me’.



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