The Rojak Experience:Gastronomical Escapades in Singapore

Singapore is the cultural microcosm of Asia.  The ‘Uniquely Singapore’ tourism brand identity communicates that’s to a very large extent.  For a person who has very limited culinary expertise, but is a foodie by heart although recently on a calorie conscious diet; food has been a yard-stick of livability for me. On that count and many other parameters, Singapore has exceeded my expectations by a mile. I have had very interesting foodie experiences in this cultural melting pot. Such as eating Shwarma at Shiraz at Clarke Quay to Kebabs at Arab Street, it lessens my longing for the Middle East where I have been raised. Whenever i wish to remember, the City of my Birth: Mumbai, the maximum city is diluted when I am at Bombay Cafe besides one of the many entrances of the unending and ever-expanding Mustafa Centre, when I indulge in chat or a three dollar samosa at Raj’s Restaurant around the same place. Being a Bengali by ethnicity and cultural upbringing, I love the typical ‘bangali’ fare at Salimar or Khana Basmati, where the homely ethos is recreated with the food and the service in Bangla. For elite Calcuttan fare, there is the ‘Mustard’ , adjacent to Little India MRT, for the refined ambiance. There are of-course,  Andhra joints and Chetinad eateries like Sankranti and Anjappar with Saravana Bhavan for veg fare to round up the ethnic Indian overdose.

There is the Singaporean Indian palate with Tissue Paper Prata and Murtabak with the emblematic ‘Rojak’ defining the niche. My reccomendation would be Prata Planet at Clementi Avenue Four for Prata. Ameen Makan outside NUS is not too far off the charts either. Among the Chinese fare Horfun and Chicken Rice are daily favorites, with Yong Tau Foo for dinner. I wish to explore more Singaporean Chinese fare in the near future, but my personal fav is the steam boat although pricy but unbeatable.  I simply adore the steam boat at Bugis and the Satay at Makansutra beside the Esplanade theaters at the Bay. Amazing Singaporean fare indeed, open air hawker centre in the middle of CBD even makes more special.  Malay food, is all time favorite with Mee Goreng and Nasi Lemak topping the charts. cheap and hearty, they simply make my day!

I have been introduced to Vietnamese and Korean Cuisine here, and i must admit that i am a fan of the Korean Mixed Rice at the Food Republic at Suntec Center in town.  Every hawker centre has its USP. Adam Road Hawker Center has a drinks stall which serves exceptional Teh Ahlia or Ginger Tea, or the Tea at Toast Box is truly signature edition. For a Saturday evening, a beer at Penny Black or Harry’s at Boat Quay, is not bad off either.

(This is a sample of my personal experiences regarding food and wine, the list seems to extend every day in the Lion City! I would encourage my friends for feedback on food in Singapore!)

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