Why we hate ourselves

There are some aspect of our lives which we do not like. may be we may have been bullied in school as a school kid for being obese, or teased to death because someone stammered or have been the butt of jokes in his or her social circle. These things truly kill a personality; the notion of the semi conscious, quasi-rational self. Respect in front of ones own eyes is crucial for being respected in the eyes of the world. All stunts to gain so called friends is only a temporary band-aid  on a serious predicament which can only be solved through fundamental changes which take time emotionally and physically.  Everyone wants to feel loved and wanted, I do too.. since I have been grossly overweight since I was a teenager &  this  does not make a person very confident in the notion of the self. Losing weight has been a struggle.  Life is not a popularity contest, but losing weight is primarily for a healthier self. The realization has come late, but well in time.

Life is cruel and social darwinism is at play in its full splendor. We have to fit enough not to be relegated to the next division. Life is for playing Large, and not for the loose change. The battle is in the mind, passion is the fuel and life;  the gladiatorial amphitheater. 

Fighting the inner demons is the hardest thing, its Spiritual Warfare at its pinnacle. The world is so fast, catching up and being at the top of one’s game for a long time is indeed a battle. A Sachin Tendulkar can play at the top of the game for two decades because He knew how to keep going and striving for the next goal. A Pete Sampras and  Rodger Federer are admirable material.  Failures are there, but how one handles it differentiates a winner from a yet to be winner.

The Losers Syndrome is addictive- a love for victim psychosis, a respect for bearing pain and humiliation and not fighting back all contribute to why we hate ourselves. At the end of the day, the people who matter will matter because of who we are and not because of what we do. Lets try to love ourselves truly, for once….

4 thoughts on “Why we hate ourselves

  1. I think more than Love, one needs to accept themselves. Acceptance does not mean being content with the status quo, or the faults, that in ur words, pull us down the Darwinian ladder. It’s just means that u have pulled urself out the ‘I am who I am, and will do nothing about it’. Acceptance of the situation and who you are pull down the defensive nature that has long culminated out of one’s insecurities and complexes.

    Again, I think, to be loved and wanted is very relative, but I believe in a general rule of thumb. People will treat u the way u treat urself. And, the more u run after people, the more they will run away from u. These rules have always guided me in my identifying my true friends.

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