The travails of a blogger

People do blogging for meeting various personal and professional ends. Some do for sharing their perspectives on various issues, some as an online real time dairy on their lives and a growing number to do as an online portfolio for their talents.  Writing a amateur blog, is not Shakespearean  in art form. I write because I feel strongly about issues, and convey my emotions on a particular facet of my interest be it in governance or social matters close to my heart. As every aspiring writer and regular blogger knows, while having a day job (i am a grad researcher), blogging for us takes a minimal quantum of time of our days schedule, we do it, because we love to do so and share our perspectives and in the process create a community of like minded faithful online. Its passionate, spontaneous and real…

We live in the era of the pro-sumer- we not only consume online intellectual content, but we add to the dialogue of ideas regarding the issues we read. WE react instantaneously to policy changes in our vicinity and raise our voices in response to the injustice that we perceive as educated lot, than the ‘silent; majority who live reactionary existences by commenting in their living rooms.   Its inconsequential in the larger scheme of things. Bloggers appreciate feedback; whether bouquets or brickbats. Ofcourse, the greatest gift u can give a writer is criticism!

Not everyone is Jeff Archer, we can be Chetan Bhagat or Shobhaa De, Indian English has a particular style and audience. We all cater to our specific niche. Three Cheers to the blogging community.

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