Paradoxes in reality and political thinking-Some observations

There are some observations and insights about the reality of political thinking and the accompanied governance discourse; their strengths, weaknesses and gaps in perception and terra firma which impacts us in our day to day existence, that i would like to share. It is observed that right wing administrations are good for business and hence create jobs. They insist on limited government and lower taxes aka The Tea Party and in general the GOP in the United States. Sarkozy with his UMP regime, insists on labor reforms and the role of the private sector. In India, the Bharatiya Janata Party is the populist  mainstream face of the right wing fringe  which brought about the most fundamental economic reforms such as disinvestment of public sector enterprises during its tenure from 1998 to 2004.  Italian Administration lead by Sire Silvio, is a fine example of right wing economics at its best of the worst.

Right wing administrations generate jobs, build temporary prosperity as economic cycles of recession and boom times are organic in nature.  But there is a rider associated with right wing politics. Nationalism and bigotry also rears its ugly head during right wing regimes. Republican administrations have manufactured un-real wars to feed its oil industry interests (Bush 41st and 43rd in particular) which has costed a trillion over the past decade, bringing the United States to almost a debt default. Nationalism is often associated with religion with a political tinge. Social Conservative agenda helped re-elect Bush 43rd to his second term in office. Religious conservatism with economic freedom, is the USP on which the right wing brand sells. The BJP government in Gujarat implicitly supported a genocide in 2002 of Muslims, yet has the best growth driven government in India. Narendra Modi, is the toast of Indian Industry, with many projecting him as a potential Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014.

It is almost certain that minority persecution will occur once a right wing oriented administration takes office. Sarkozy banned the Hijab and the Turban in state funded schools. The right wing in the United States and Europe breeds on the substrate of Islamophobia.  In fact, when the economy is not doing well, engineering a riot or a perceived ‘terror threat’ can boost its electoral chances at the ballot box.  The Left is equally responsible for parochial politicking, with creating fiscally  irresponsible  social security nets and the communalization of vote banks. The belief in big government and protracted bureaucratic mechanisms can ward off investors and the lack of respect for religious values does not help either.

I have always wondered why cannot we have  more right wing secular parties like Christian Democrats of Germany or the Lib Dems in the UK. They would make democracies get a tremendous buy-in from the electorate. The BJP would make a for indeed a ‘party with a difference’ and not a party with differences, when it gives up its right wing minority bashing. Politics needs to be about consensus and growth and positive upmanship and not about roits and economic rampages.

Any bright ideas folks?

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