The Battle for the ‘Right’ Mind; extremism deconstructed

Norway is one best countries of the globe to live; a textbook example for the Nordic Welfare State. The Utoya Youth Camp massacre and the PM Office attack at Olso was Norway’s 9/11 moment. A nation which support’s International Development Activities with one percent of its Budget, pulls a punch above its feather weight category of the 47th largest economy in the world. The seat of the Nobel Peace Prize, the world was grieved and shocked to hear that a 32 year old  right wing sympathizer with a twitter account had killed 91 souls; out of a sick outrage against ‘Cultural Marxists’ as stated in his parochially poisoned 1500 page manifesto fueled by his hatred for liberalism and Muslim immigrants. According to a hard hitting article by Praveen Swami in the ‘Hindu’ newspaper, there are many parallels between Hindu Extremism and Far Right groups in Europe(The link is here-

Both are tied by their sickening animosity towards Muslims, who make up 1.5 billion people of 7 billion souls on the planet. The Far Right is expanding electorally through out Europe, it has made significant gains in Sweden, Denmark, Holland and even the UK. The blue collar white middle class who live in subsided in town hall housing facilities are feeling threatened by the asian/african immigrants who take away their core jobs and livelihoods.  This sentiment is echoed throughout a section of the white population that non white immigrants are responsible for the filth in their society. Most, importantly, the ‘White’ way of life is being robbed away from them as ethnic and religious ghettos breed, from outer Marseilles in Southern France where Algerian origin French citizens live to the back alleys of Oslo filled with Pakistani migrants.

Marie Le Pen of the far right national front is a leading contender for the  french presidency next year. The British National Party wins council seats every time local elections are held. Geert Wilders supports the Dutch Government in a coalition. Finland has a far right party in parliament with 19% of the vote. This phenomenon is not a one off stunt any more.

This was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. This is a well known fact that the post colonial migrants such as the Turkish or north african migrants in France have not integrated and have not become European enough, according to Angela Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron. Areas in the UK and France look more like Lahore and Algiers than London and Bordeaux.  Multiculturalism has failed and globalization has been stopped in its tracks. Right Wing extremism in India caused terrorist attacks such as the Samjhauta train bombings, Malegoan and Hyderabad Attacks, contested trains of thought have taken resort to arms. This is explosive, pragmatism leading to reconciliation is the best way out, of course its easier said than done. Tariq Ramadan, the European Muslim Scholar’s book on the rise of the uniqueness of the European Muslim is a good start.

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