Why I cant make it to Parliament

The intelligentsia and the civil society actors have a handicap (I am a  policy activist in my small way). They are not fit for electoral politics due to a ‘few’ minor factors. These are-

1. No one in my family is in politics or the civil service, feudalism is very much present today

2. I am not a TV actor or a movie side kick leave alone a Bolly/Tolly wood star.

3. I am middle class. I just have enough money to survive leave alone spend millions to buy a electoral ticket.

4.  I am not an Industrialist like the Mallya’s and the Jindal’s. Business is the channel in to Rajya Sabha and Political Influence.

In short, I am the faceless common man whose ideas even if they are good, does not matter because most votes are bought and sold, the value of a vote of a doctor and a ‘vada pav wala’ is just the same. Who thinks about policies, lets watch Dhamaal 2 instead:(

Good people who can make a difference are disenfranchised, what is the gradient between a Sudan and India then. Democracy is a new game with the same old players.

4 thoughts on “Why I cant make it to Parliament

  1. Monish, I completely agree with your viewpoint and let me inform you that the picture isn’t any different in Bangladesh. We are forcefully thrown into the system of ‘ democratic monarchy’ where only a handful of politicians roll the ball from one court to another. The whole sub-continent is on the verge of facing a political tsunami and I believe partially we, the common people, are ‘helplessly responsible’ for this upcoming political disaster.

    Yes, you are right saying votes are being sold and bought but sold by who? Unfortunately we live in a region of the globe where hunger and poverty prevail. A ‘vada paw wala’ by casting his vote in exchange of financial benefits would not have to worry about feeding his family for at least a couple of weeks. With the given circumstances we have limited time or to some extent none to worry about politics and nation as a whole. Fundamental rights stipulated in the constitution are now read and discussed in the seminars or class rooms only.

    An exceptional individual who comes out of the notion of being a common man leading a common life, fails in his endeavors becoming a parliamentarian because without having to fulfill the above mentioned criteria, such an attempt would be nothing else but showing an extreme audacity.

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