Helping the poor helps; Why Development means good politics

As cable TV and Internet connectivity penetrate the most obscure hamlets in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia, the information divide is being bridged regarding have and have nots. Although electricity coverage and decent secondary education access are very much substantial issues to be dealt with, the spoken word  reaches the poor, via vernacular new channels in India even if they cannot read the written language. This access to news of the world is trans-formative. The discourse is electoral politics in India has shifted from caste and religious matters to basic utilities such as Electricity, Water and Road Access. The rich cannot survive in an island of peace around an ocean of poverty. Philanthropy makes strategic business sense. Tomorrow’s middle class is also also tomorrow’s consumer base for the corporation. Keeping the poor, poor is not good business sense.

The philanthropic endeavors of Azim Premji to start a development and education training oriented university has the potential to professionalize the non profit sector and primary education. The TATA Group were the original philanthropists who built hospitals and townships, the business of rendering social services should not be limited to the government, business is an important component of the machinery of society.  Philanthropy is good vehicle for helping out our Brothers in need in our community. Community building which the hallmark of Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines is based on the sweat equity model where companies and individuals contribute in Nation Building. A fairer society makes for a productive society. Poverty and inequity is at the heart of the Arab spring, not religion. Development is growth, and growth oriented politics means healthy democracies.

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