Climate Change- a human perspective

Climate Change is the flavor of the season for quite some time, as visualized from Cancun, Copenhagen talks and all the global politics churning up new power equations with China and India collaborating to stifle a deal at Copenhagen and hence the Cancun talks were low on expectation and hype, where actual deal making and wheeling materialized.It is indeed a political issue. Climate Change is a master variable such as hydrogen ions in aquatic chemistry. People depend on nature for their everyday needs; food, raw materials and other essential life substrates. These are not generated in a lab, nature is the ultimate lab of GOD’s creation. Technological fixes to policy problems is partial in character. End of pipe technologies like carbon sequestration or basic electrostatic precipatators are a stop gap solution. Fuel substitution is ideal not financially feasible as the modern industrial economy is pegged to the Oil futures index and indirectly tied to gold prices. It is an inextricably weaved mess, with politics driving it and thwarting renewable energies which provide energy security to communities off the national grid. Nuclear Capitalism fuels subsidy driven cathedrals of cash known as nuclear energy reactors.

Environmental issues have reached the top table of corporate hegemony. Environmental awareness among consumers are rising, corporate social responsibility is the new buzzword with ISO 26000 certification. Greening of a supply chain is on the major agenda of of the Walmart’s of the world. Carbon footing is an indicator in a sustainability report which is prepared as an annual ritual.  This is mere green washing, it is time that we get real about climate change as top down approaches facilitate and catalyze, but ground up strategies build resilience and adaptive capacities in communities at risk from climate change led event disruption.

Climate Change disrupts weather patterns, hence agrarian cycles get ruptured; food production and security gets effected for the millions who depend on grazing, fishing and subsistence agriculture for their livelihood. Biofuels from food based substrates like corn raised food prices in developing countries which lead to rioting couple of years back. Energy, Environment and Society are intertwined in a complex network of webs.  In the light of climate change, water cycles have amended its course; which have lead to the increase of water borne diseases. Its a Public Health catastrophic trigger. Hydro cycles impact energy production via hydro-power plants such as on the Mekong delta dams.

Climate change is a non traditional security stressor, as global human migration in thousands on a low level is happening in Chad and Sudan with the depletion of Lake Chad. At the local level, floods are happening in Singapore with increased frequency. Climate Change is every one’s problem and the NIMBY syndrome won’t work anymore….

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