Moral Entrepreneurship- The power of values

A couple of months back we have been blown away by the public support in favor of Gandhian Anna Hazare and his crusade for accountability via the Lok Pal Bill, essentially a watch dog cum anti graft legislation, which led the current dispensation, to agree to a joint civil society-government mechanism to draft the law. The People saw a ray of hope in an elderly career activist who stood for his values, lived a life in serving communities in Maharashtra State. The cancer of corruption cost the global economy one trillion dollars last year in lost  revenues and in effective public service delivery. Billions of dollars of stolen tax dollars from India are in off shore tax havens, siphoned off by the elite.  There is acute trust deficit between the electorate and the political class in India. The vacuum is being filled by civil society leadership like Anna Hazare, Mr. Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. Well, Baba Ramdev is a spiritual entrepreneur, with declared business interests of 1100 crore, his traditional medicine empire spans globally. According to a tweet of a CNN-IBN Journalist, the preparations of his agitation dwarf that of Anna Hazare, which massive infrastructure. Although,  Baba Ramdev has a political dimension to him, but he has more trust from the common man than the government.

Moral Entrepreneurs are not new, every time there has been a gulf between the ruling class and the people, a group of valued people have bridged the gap. The civil society brigade, which are the NGO’s like Amnesty International, Oxfam and the WWF have stood up as a moral voice in times of persecution and civic unrest. This materialistic world of ours, still treasures values,  particularly when they see the rot effecting their daily lives. The dynastic, career politician class exudes no respect from the middle class. The unrest in the Arab Spring was led by moral entrepreneurs in the middle class, the Google executive who started it all in Cairo  is the poster child of civic activism. Moral values are what binds us as a civilization, a buffer against anarchy beyond redemption.


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