Open Source Education – bridging the academic deficit

The Open Source movement in software revolutionized the way we integrate the personal computer in to the ethos of our everyday lives, and all this is because some geeks in the basement garages in the 1980’s and 90’s, did programming to score geeky brownie points among their peers. Some became Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other internet biggies. Linux, is the bench mark for open source software, the operating system which is only next to Google and challenges the Corporate hegemony of the Seattle major. Web 2.0 Technology is revolutionizing and accelerating the trajectory of  the open source movement. Education is jumping on the band wagon of Web 2.0 tech to expand the reach of world class education to people in remote parts of the world. Its the age of the PROSUMER – We are both creators and consumers of content. E-Learning is changing the landscape of learning. Most Universities have a E-Learning week once a semester, mostly before the reading week (I had one at NUS).

MIT Open Course Ware is a miracle for students in the developing world, who have access to MIT lectures, which are usually a lot better than their local schools. ICT is changing the learning paradigm in the third world, learning is liberation from poverty.  Khan Academy, is the Open Source Tuition Website for School Kids and basic university course ware. TED and Pop Tech are amazing sources of ideas or twitter is a open source way of obtaining real time data.  Long is the time passed where, the Guru of the class is the ultimate source of knowledge, now a days He is only a Facilitator of our ideas.


  1. First I really like the topic that you have chosen this time. Yes, open source is now a big thing. I believe in the idea “to make something better, make it reachable to everyone”. Yes, there are pros and cons, but then the benefits are huge and so the cons can be neglected. Big giants like Google, Linux have really come up with their open source products.

    I guess after Microsoft the most useful products are from Google (Windows is why Microsoft still lives). Plus I feel open source brings competition which is always beneficial for the end user.

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