What does Happiness truly mean?

This is a trillion dollar question which has troubled great men through out mankind and over various spatial temporal scales. So this author does not claim to have attained nirvana at the age of 25. Happiness seems to be the basis of all the value systems worldwide, whether happiness is through giving, sacrifice or achieving material possessions.   Happiness can be momentary,  fleeting or a transient phase where we dont feel happy but we feel pleased in comparison to other days we have had in the past.  Or Happiness is simply put as a Attitude or a State of Mind which guides us the way see look at mundane things in our lives. Happiness is a sentiment which is altruistic as a satisfied, happy man would not strive for more and a contented consumer is the antithesis of the market state mechanisms where brilliant manipulative marketers create an artificial need in us and drives us to keep up with the Mr. Jones’s.

Happiness is not only a feeling, but has moved beyond the individual actor to the realm of the institution of the nation state. Economic growth is seen beyond GDP numbers and is seen in terms of human developmental indicators such as the Gross National Happiness Index in Bhutan, which measures happiness and not material growth. The death of happiness begins when we start comparing what we have with our friends and neighbors. White Collar crime is triggered by men, who have the drive to become stinking rich overnight. It has brought the downfall of many powerful men from the heights of success. The former Mc Kinsey Boss who is indicted by the Security and Exchange Commission for helping convicted Hedge Fund Boss Raj Rajratnam for insider trading, was a widely respected man in the corporate world and was a rag to riches story, the stuff dreams are made of.

In this age of consumerism, the intrinsic human weakness for  oneupmanship has been exploited  by the capitalistic hegemony for wealth accumulation and hence creates a inequality divide, which fuels strife. Terrorism in the garb of  ideology is fueled by the molotov cocktail of poverty and power. Happiness is connected to fulfillment and its a personal equation with our soul. We define our own state of happiness and a happy soul means for a happy society and a strife free society.

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