The Concept of Achievement – What does it really mean?

This is a concept, which has spurned on an industry…The Motivational Speaker one- Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Steven Covey and its tribe drive the notion into our sub consciousness that talks about ‘peak performance’ and realizing our potential… All this talk makes it evident that we judge success as a material value and not one of fulfilling our dreams.  Material success is important but this paradigm does not account for outliers in the system and the black swan which beats the architecture of conventionalist thought…  The Human element is the most vital one…aligning our potential with the current market need or foreseeable demand supply curves will lead to blockbuster product- well, thats YOU

I believe that ” Success is about ‘cracking’ the system, excellence is about breaking and remaking it ” and to create value Blue Ocean Strategy style… All this academic stress and the race to nomenclaturize us into  work place genera and family kills creativity, passion and true blue innovation. It has been seen and observed in the annals of history that it is the Innovator that has been called crazy everytime he has tried to create real value….HISTORY has INTERTIA and loves the STATUS QUO… We should all carve our own niche, contribute to society and live HAPPY lives…this may sound naive…but an iota of altruism and hope brings change albeit foolish and unrealistic on the surface, drives revolutions such as the one in the arab world and the civic movement helmed by Anna Hazare against graft….. Let it create a mental revolution for creating tangible value and a better society, one mind at a time…which is the motto of the ideation venture…. Lets create an ‘I’ Revelucion!

4 thoughts on “The Concept of Achievement – What does it really mean?

  1. What you have said is true. I also believe what you said “The Human element is the most vital one”. A healthy society is the best thing to achieve.

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