South Sudan- Will it go the Timor Leste Way?

We will be in the next few days be witnessing the creation of a new nation state in Africa- that of Southern Sudan with its capital being of Juba… The South People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) is the South Sudanese equivalent of the African National Congress or the Palestinian Liberation Front…It has waged a civil war with the North Sudanese Army over the last few decades with over 4 million casualties and millions more internally displaced people… The Civil War ended in 2005 with an agreement over resource sharing and a scheduling over a referendum in early 2011 (currently under way)..

South Sudan is mainly Animist and Christian & of African Stock in comparison to its Northern cousins being Muslim and Arab… South Sudan is also the Kurdistan of Sudan…being Oil rich only complicates the separation…Revenue sharing and citizenship issues have not been agreed upon in addition to concrete borderlines being drawn …. Separation is always painful, with examples in recent history being Kosovo, Montenegro and Timor Leste…. Ultimately such instances result in human tragedies and suffering, a case study being the Partition of South Asia in 1947 into India and Pakistan with millions killed and displaced…a human tragedy sans any comparison…

Timor Leste being the youngest nation state in the Globe currently with its independence a decade ago is one of the largest recipients of external donor aid, weak institutions and gross poverty…. With Oil discovered in the Timor Sea, there is reason for cautious optimism as such nations sans strong leadership and weak institutions are susceptible to the Resource Curse…

We hope that South Sudan does not become a case study for nations with the resource curse in Public Policy Schools internationally…

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