Writing as Politics: Six years of questions and critical conversations

I started this e-platform as a online note pad cum thought repository after years of writing on social media, debating and curating platforms for change. I am a strongly opinionated person, and radical politics is something which i believe runs through the little small talk that we spew. The banter, the sexist jokes, the acceptance of decisions that are questionable. So writing for me is not mere text, but as access points into an alternative imagination, alternative discourse which makes us think, question and evaluate our choices. Change Thinker has since then evolved into a platform for driving conversations for social change through writing from Film to Public Policy. Films are grossly political as is text. I have gone on to write for other media platforms (Huff Post, Corporate Citizenship, Alochonna) and have been interviewed on crucial issues of the day (Food Security Bill, Demonetisation) on Al Jazeera International, BBC World and Forbes.

Digital space is far from radical although politics is embedded in to every search through skewed algorithms and automated propaganda on Twitter, leaving the corporate media machine aside. As the noted Journalist P Sainath quips, which i will paraphrase: Digital is reflective of the biases in real life. AirBnB and Uber are instituting anti discrimination policies to safeguard against biases. How many startups in India have grievance redressal mechanisms as per the Company Law 2013 and Women Harassment Act 2014. Questioning the rhetoric, is the beginning to create a better world. Call the Bluff. This platform is not a PR job. This is activist writing towards a normative politics. Thank you Friends for reading.