HKBU Presentation.

Presented in the Hong Kong Baptist University Graduate Students Conference today morning on Precarity and Platform Work in Jakarta along with my PhD colleague Anders Kirstein Møller, with the on the ground research support of Pak Alfian A Pelu, Labour Activist Researcher with LIPS, Jakarta.

Zoom is a democratizing tool in the words of Prof Debjani Bhattacharya, historian at the University of Zurich; as there were presenters from Singapore, Hong Kong, Yunan and Dhaka in the Pandemic New Normal session.



Its really hilarious how folks associate their sense of the self to a brand, in particular the optics on Linkedin, as once the firm finds a cheaper resource, the person will be replaced as a cog. There is a probation to clear, right. Find the value in ones skills and the ability to deliver rather than the rhetoric.


I think the aspirations which one has in terms of an icon when we are in school shape our careers or intellectual inclinations.

Mine was Gurudeb Prof Amartya Sen, his Idea of Justice and the notion of plural identities left a mark on my college self.