AAP’s ‘Hindu-turn’

In an article for The Tilak Chronicle last year, i had written about the expansion of the Hindu Nationalist Political Space beyond the BJP, as the Sangh has a larger societal vision. AAP with the ‘Hindu-turn’ with Delhi and Uttarkhand is no surprise.
Shiv Sena is now with the opposition and very Hindu as well.

The Local/Transnational Soft Drink

Bovanto from Madurai, a local Tamil Nadu soft drink is popular in the diaspora from Dubai to Singapore in particular Chettinadu restaurant chains. Counter culture is needed for region centred brands which in the global era, is challenging as economies of scale play a role. Tamil Nadu has a strong regional culture, cash and a global diaspora which catapult’s them beyond the limitations of a local clientele. Transnational is often hyper local.