Academic Euphemisms from Grad School

Sorry guys and I am writing after a long time as I have been travelling on work and shifting back in to my new assignment in Mumbai.  I spent quite a while in grad school about three years and I have a lot of shit from Profs who often go on ego trips and write stuff in highly reputed ‘journals’ which about 100 people internally read (mostly peers).

These are couple golden couplets which I had encountered during my second grad degree:

1) You have to be ‘independent’ in your learning, which means you dont expect to get any support from the faculty who are often engaged in securing research grants and travelling to obscure conferences which double up as holidays.

2) That Prof is Tough, essentially communicates to an ill mannered Prof who can get away with bad behavior with students.

Academia is like an Elite Club which uses its ‘Cultural Capital’ to enforce symbolic power on others as a weapon, and think all others are ‘lesser mortals’ as they do not know a few theories and nifty jargons. Its an unreal world, disconnected with the ground. Real Learning is done by experience in the world by facing brick bats and failing.

I fully support digital learning and the hacking of academia by newer players such as Singularity and the famed Khan Academy. Grad School is an experience to grow, evolve and flourish but the self preserving character of academics defeat their purpose.

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