Modi ji gave Migrant Workers Half Day Leave, and it’s brilliant

Heard some folks complain and saw a meme on Facebook as well (the pettiness of diaspora politics) about migrant construction workers getting half day leave as was petitioned by the Indian Embassy here requesting leave as Modi was in town. Outside the country, we are all Indian citizens and Modi is our Prime Minister, irrespective of our politics within the country. I sat with migrant construction workers yesterday, and saw the event celebrating the Indian community in Oman. The migrant workers were thoroughly enjoying the freedom with snacks and entertainment, having a rare off weekday time away from work away from constrained lives in labor camps.

Migrant workers send back millions in remittances back home, lifting families out of poverty. They are not OCI’s and Indian Citizens with privileged Overseas Permanant Resident status, sipping Chardonnay on a Sunday. They build countries and families, so spare them your condescending politics. They were the most enthusiastic shouting their lungs out to Vande Mataram and clapping the hardest to their states cultural representation. They will head home after a few years to their towns and villages. Gulf migrants matter.

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