A Letter to Dr. Singh: a plea from a liberal

Dear Dr. Singh

We had a lot of hopes from you, Dr Manmohan Singh. A stellar career academic, bureaucrat whose track record was too good to be true.  As a RBI Governor, UGC Chairman and Finance Minister; you knew the inner workings of the Indian Economic Establishment like no one else. Your track record as a reformer was stellar from 1991-96, which was a minority government backed by the political brains of a particular Narsimha Rao.  When you had become the prime minister, I thought as everyone else that a clean, technocrat has taken office although with the Congress High Command Culture I had reservations but my heart was filled with hope. During UPA 1, welfare legislations such as MNREGA were passed and the Nuke Deal with the US was a prestige issue and you won with flying colors. The People gave your administration a resounding mandate in 2009 to continue your good work.  The inclusive agenda of the congress inspired me as well. The narrative changes as the UPA 2 began

UPA 2 has been a disaster, sorry to say Sir. Your Government has become a ‘one a day scam regime’. 2G, CWG, Coal Gate and other scams have unique acronyms that have become a part of our daily lexicon. Your silence has become so loud that it is deafening. Sexual Crimes happen every day and you do not speak even as a father of three very successful daughters.  People mock your regime as being in coma, rudderless and without direction.   These are certainly not pretty adjectives to be attributed to an esteemed technocrat like you Sir.

India is also thankful to you for delivering a secular government without riots apart from Assam and Dhule. The 100% FDI in retail legislation was important as did other social sector legislations and other concordant spending increases. But with graft being the main word attributed to your government and with a weak foreign policy with the Chinese incursions and Sarabjeet case; history is going to judge you harshly for being weak and ineffective. Your Reputation is an Indian’s reputation. Please help us to salvage our nation’s reputation.

All your good work is certainly getting wiped off the Indian citizen’s psyche with the performance of UPA2. Your name will definitely be registered with IK Gujral and HD Deve Gowda in the club of weak PM’s.

Please once again, do not let this happen. We would like you to speak up.

Yours Sincerely

An Indian Liberal


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